What are you good at?

I love learning curves. I love not knowing something because the act of learning is a process I have enjoyed. After having a head injury… I have had lots to learn… like… how to eat… how to walk… how to talk… Lots and Lots to learn.

Perhaps this is something you too are familiar with too? If it is… well… you know how exhausting and frustrating it can be. Not your average learning curve.

If your not careful depression can set in. Constantly bumping up into walls month after month can beat down the strongest of survivors. You can start to feel like a failure… and that is not a good thing right? You survived a head injury… you’re tough.. yet… if you don’t take care of yourself correctly… depression takes over.

So how to avoid the pit of depression? Well… one way is… to do things you are good at. Sure do your therapy… do your homework… check off all your should dos on your list and then spend time doing a task you do well because it will build self confidence which increases your happiness level!

When I stopped trying to be a web designer… and accepted the fact that my mind can only be asked to relearn so much at a time…I chose to take a break and do what I do best… paint.

I would rather be a web designer than a painter… yet… I have to accept that right now… my brain feels most happy painting… I have less issues with brain fatigue when I paint and I feel like I have an identity again… so now… I call my self a painter… proudly.

Sure I still have no idea how this will support my family but I’m getting ahead of myself. For now… I just want to balance tasks in a way that promotes health… and happiness. It is my hope that as I get stronger… I can also be happy and pleasant around those who are helping me because I have taken the time to do something I can be proud about.

Self confidence is a blessing… a blessing that can be conjured up by doing things you are good at 🙂

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