A hammer is very effective when pounding nails… yet not so good with peeling potatoes.

I don’t know about you but I love my habits and routines. LOVE them. I don’t even care if having habits and routines makes me numb to other possible experiences because I created them for a reason. That reason being…. I love them.

True, some of the routines and habits we create we do consciously and some seem to have been programmed by genetics or some kind of external circumstance. However they are created they tend to define us and how we “spend” our time on this earth.

After a head injury… we cling to our habits and routines to piece back together what life is and what our role is in it… It can seem to work for a bit even though write essay sometimes great change is inevitable.

I can remember when I use to shoot archery. I loved shooting arrows into targets… even practiced zen archery for a bit… however… after my head injury… my double vision is not well suited for archery. So I would be silly to force myself to continue to do something that makes me nauseous just because I did it before my head injury… right?

So I don’t.

Good thing I have invested in the “loss” of disability. Meaning I have created habits and routines of discovering the ways in which I am abled now… as this “new” person who survived a head injury.

You might already know how helpful it can be for you to feel more confident when you do things you do well. Doing things that are your current strengths builds greater strength like adding wood to a fire makes it hotter.

In which way are you abled? and what is one thing you can do today that will take you one step closer to doing more of it?

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