Art heals deeper than you might expect

I have wondered if something really unique and special would come out of the tragedy I have experience over the past two and a half years. Surviving and recovering from a head injury is no joke even though I tend to laugh at myself all the time! haha!

One of the best things that I have experience since my head injury is the power art has to heal. It has been easy for me to understand how focusing on painting can distract you from aches and pains. I can also easily imagine how painting and drawing can be done as a dynamic meditation which relives you from stress.

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I had no idea that art can heal even deeper than a distraction and or stress reliever. When done in a very specific way art can be used to super charge your entire body. Flooding it with what feels like electricity and pure life energy. Words fail when attempting to describe this experience even though it is something that is repeatable over and over again.

Using art to heal gives the artist the opportunity to dynamically improve quality of health while crafting and honing artistic and creative skills. I live more fully because of art. It is my heart and it is my soul and I am THRILLED to discover it possesses such powerful healing potential.

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3 Responses to Art heals deeper than you might expect

  1. Donald Collette says:

    Thanks Ken! I’ve thought about trying to draw something similar to show people how I now see things, but I do not have your talent. I look forward to going to Littleton Hospital to see the other paintings. I had an aneurism burst in 2003 that caused double vision. It got better in a few months, but started over in 2011 and just seems to be deteroirating. Thanks again, Don.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comments Don. I’m sorry to hear about your eye sight. It must be very frustrating. I think Chronicle did a good job showing how we see everyday things in double vision. For me, drawing was really the only thing that helped me forget my troubles and focus on healing. Perhaps there is another way you can convey what you are seeing to story or photos even. In any case I do hope you can get to Littleton to see the paintings. And thanks again for reaching out. Its always nice to know that there are others that share this perspective. Best of luck to you in your continued recovery.

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