Double Vision Painting #4 of Jae is Finished!

double vision painting #4 by Ken Kimball

Double Vision Painting #4 of Jae by Ken Kimball

I have to be honest… I really like the way this painting came out.

I usually see Jae way more smiley… this is a portrait showing her very serious side because I wanted to paint the part of Jae that is programed to excel.
Jae is one of the most competent and skilled individuals that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I was able to learn so much from her and wish i still could.
Painting her portrait allowed me to take the lessons she taught me in web design and apply them to painting. For instance… paying attention to detail is something Jae had taught me. She said a good designer is someone who really gets picky with the design. I must have painted Jae’s eyes at least 4 times before I got them right. I did my best to be real picky with the values, shape and textures.
I think this painting is the most technically correct painting so far. I have no doubt I can still paint and draw. Now it is about healing so I can have more energy to complete my creative ideas. I move slow… but steady!

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