How You Finish What You Started

How many times have you gotten inspired and started a creative project? How many times did you never get to finish it? Maybe you have troubles getting to a point where you take any action? Perhaps you just think or talk about doing something? Sometimes projects can get overwhelming when thinking about all the things that need to take place to accomplish it. Perhaps your reasons for not doing your projects are unique but it doesn’t really matter because no matter how you add it up… the score might be lower than you would like.

So how do you fix this? Well you’re in luck… I have developed a method that allows you to accomplish your projects…. You can explore your potential in one step! That’s right…. one step! It is the most effective and most simple technique I have ever used… and let me tell ya I have tested it with all kinds of projects and all kind of time frames… it works for me and I think it will work for you so here it is….

The Explore Potential One Step Method To Achieving Your Projects

Lets start with the logic. To do any project you have to take many actions which have the potential to add up to a finished project, right? Logic can fail us if we think to much about ALL of these steps but they still need to be taken. If you have tough time restrictions it makes it difficult to get on your way but if you make a commitment to take only “one step” each day or realistically “one step” a handful of times per week. You might just find it amazing how quickly you accomplish your projects. Often the most difficult thing to do is take the first step… once you’ve taken that first step it’s easy to take a stroll and sometimes that turns into a run.

It is important to remember you only have to take ONE step…. not two, not three… just one! If it leads to more steps naturally fine but don’t expect it… just commit to taking one step toward accomplishing your project a handful of times per week. I mean come on… if you really want to be a artist, musician, cook, writer or whatever your gonna have to take actions even if it is only one. So let me give you the magic question to ask yourself… the magic one step question is…. “What is one step I can take today that will get me closer to having my project completed?” That’s it! Simple huh?

Now how you answer this question is gonna be interesting. It might be sharpening a pencil, it could be mixing up some paint, or buying some supplies, or clearing out a spot to work. Take that one step and go about the rest of your day… or commit to take just one step but if the vibe is right keep at it… either way you will get closer to having that project accomplish!

It is important to realize how helpful routine can be. When you take one step a day… every day…. it becomes easier and easier to continue toward finishing your project. I actually find it uncomfortable when I don’t have a project going on. I start my day by checking in with my one step… I figure out what kind of time I will have and then I come up with a couple of possible one steps. I just choose the one that pumps me up the most… the one that is the most exciting to do and Ba-Tah-Bing! Project Completion!

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