Double Vision Painting #3

Well… it’s time to start another painting. I’m glad I chatted with Mr. Levinski or as I like to call him…. “The Professor.” He helped me focus in on what I really want to accomplish… and that is a series of 18×24 black and white gesso paintings. My imagination can get the best of me at times and I was thinking I would do some 4×8 foot paintings but I will wait for now so I can fully explore and study this process and style. Perhaps after I get my 6 paintings completed I will take off in another double vision direction?

Step 1
Figure out the subject for the next painting ( thinking it will be another one of my son Aidan)

Step 2
Complete a 18×24 pencil drawing

ok thats is enough for me to chew on for now… don’t want to overwhelm my neurology:)

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