Ok… let’s talk printmaking (if that topic doesn’t inspire I don’t know what would?)

I have been dreaming about getting involved with some printmaking. This will be part of my therapy project. I plan on using the opportunity to relearn how to make a simple print as a way of challenging and stimulating my brain.

Bittersweet feeling… On the one hand I am excited to play with printmaking… on the other hand… I am always a little nervous… wondering if I’ll find out it is something I can’t do anymore because of my head injury?

Well…. the greater the risk… the greater the reward right? Onward and upward!

Time to test the waters… my fingers are crossed (and so are my eyes for that matter hehe), that I will once again fall in love with making prints?

I have not figured out what I will be making a print of yet… This is my first idea (maybe more to follow?)

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Design done in photoshop for a possible woodblock print.

SO! I hope to soon post my updates and findings as I explore the world of printmaking as a type of rehab medicine.

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I bumped into artist Don Gorvett

While visiting Portsmouth NH I was excited to see the gallery of Don Gorvett. He is a master printmaker. He gave a lecture at Salem State College 20 years ago. Don helped inspire me to learn more about printing.

While visiting his gallery I was lucky enough to meet up with him again. He once again inspired me!

We know drycleaning essays to buy is a chore so eruci.com/ we strive to eadisyon.com/ make your visit as quick and easy as possible without sacrificing quality and service.

I left feeling the need to find a etching press or some kind of press to help me print woodblock prints. So let me know if you know of any available ok?

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What I did last night…

Jason and I went to the studio last night to stretch a new canvas. This time we perfected our technique. I really love the stretcher wall we invented!

The only problem was we ran out of gesso around 9:00pm. I am soooooo glad I remembered that I had bought a friend a gallon of gesso a year ago. That friend only lives 10 min from the studio. We hopped into the car and not only did we score some gesso… we also got to share a few laughs and enjoy a delicious I.P.A.

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What are you good at?

I love learning curves. I love not knowing something because the act of learning is a process I have enjoyed. After having a head injury… I have had lots to learn… like… how to eat… how to walk… how to talk… Lots and Lots to learn.

Perhaps this is something you too are familiar with too? If it is… well… you know how exhausting and frustrating it can be. Not your average learning curve.

If your not careful depression can set in. Constantly bumping up into walls month after month can beat down the strongest of survivors. You can start to feel like a failure… and that is not a good thing right? You survived a head injury… you’re tough.. yet… if you don’t take care of yourself correctly… depression takes over.

So how to avoid the pit of depression? Well… one way is… to do things you are good at. Sure do your therapy… do your homework… check off all your should dos on your list and then spend time doing a task you do well because it will build self confidence which increases your happiness level!

When I stopped trying to be a web designer… and accepted the fact that my mind can only be asked to relearn so much at a time…I chose to take a break and do what I do best… paint.

I would rather be a web designer than a painter… yet… I have to accept that right now… my brain feels most happy painting… I have less issues with brain fatigue when I paint and I feel like I have an identity again… so now… I call my self a painter… proudly.

Sure I still have no idea how this will support my family but I’m getting ahead of myself. For now… I just want to balance tasks in a way that promotes health… and happiness. It is my hope that as I get stronger… I can also be happy and pleasant around those who are helping me because I have taken the time to do something I can be proud about.

Self confidence is a blessing… a blessing that can be conjured up by doing things you are good at 🙂

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Living with “disability”

This will be the topic for a lecture I plan on doing at Littleton Regional Hospital sometime in the spring. I look forward to it even though I find it harder and harder to consider myself disabled because of how much better I have gotten at painting. Never underestimate the power of a painting! Thank you for the wonderful thesis papers topics! Great paper!

If you have any thoughts or insights on the topic “living with disability” please send them my way. Thanks!

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Ken Kimball’s story… on NH Chronicle

Here it is! ENJOY!

Ken’s story

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NH Chronicle did a wonderful job!

Wowzers! I am still beaming over how fantastic it was to watch my story on tv last night 🙂

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A hammer is very effective when pounding nails… yet not so good with peeling potatoes.

I don’t know about you but I love my habits and routines. LOVE them. I don’t even care if having habits and routines makes me numb to other possible experiences because I created them for a reason. That reason being…. I love them.

True, some of the routines and habits we create we do consciously and some seem to have been programmed by genetics or some kind of external circumstance. However they are created they tend to define us and how we “spend” our time on this earth.

After a head injury… we cling to our habits and routines to piece back together what life is and what our role is in it… It can seem to work for a bit even though write essay sometimes great change is inevitable.

I can remember when I use to shoot archery. I loved shooting arrows into targets… even practiced zen archery for a bit… however… after my head injury… my double vision is not well suited for archery. So I would be silly to force myself to continue to do something that makes me nauseous just because I did it before my head injury… right?

So I don’t.

Good thing I have invested in the “loss” of disability. Meaning I have created habits and routines of discovering the ways in which I am abled now… as this “new” person who survived a head injury.

You might already know how helpful it can be for you to feel more confident when you do things you do well. Doing things that are your current strengths builds greater strength like adding wood to a fire makes it hotter.

In which way are you abled? and what is one thing you can do today that will take you one step closer to doing more of it?

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Where can you see Ken’s double vision portraits next?

How about Littleton hospital in Littleton NH. I will be dropping them off on the 27th. So happy they have a new home for a while anyway (insert BIG smile here)

And while they are visiting Littleton hospital I will continue to practice with my peppers and play with double vision and color 🙂

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And my story will be on NH Chronicle!

I was told it will air sometime in Jan? Had a great time with them today!

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